I offer professional music arranging, transcription, and engraving (sheet music) services. I have arranged compositions for 9 piece jazz band, rock quartet, organ trio, percussion ensemble, and solo works. I can generate professional quality sheet music for original or existing works from handwritten charts or from recordings. I can create educational materials for music instruction. The delivered materials can be anything you require, from a lead sheet to complete orchestral score. The results will be sent to you as PDF files, and can include tablature for fretted stringed instruments, chord charts, and transposition to instrument pitch for woodwinds and horns.

The samples below are only the first pages of multi-page arrangements. Email me at for full examples, pricing and scheduling.

Samples of educational materials
Samples of charts and arrangements
Lead Sheet
Example of a lead sheet for the jazz standard "More" by Riz Ortolani and Nino Oliviero
Guitar Scale
Fret positions with diatonic intervals showing the notes in the E Mixolydian scale for guitar tuned to Open E
Guitar with Tab
First guitar (melody) part for Jessica by the Allman Brothers Band in standard notation and tablature.
Percussion Ensemble
Arrangement of "Twist and Shout" by Bert Russell and Phil Medley arranged for 4 mallet percussion
Rock Quartet
Arrangement of "Red" by King Crimson for rock quartet
Jazz Ensemble
Arrangement of "Echidnas Arf (Of You)" by Frank Zappa for 9-piece jazz ensemble.
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